Superclass Technical Trainings

Looking for in-depth hands-on product training?  We have limited seats available for our Sunday Superclasses.  Bring your laptop and get advanced technical training as a free add-on to your Insights conference pass on Sunday, September 29th.  Superclasses are available for our EMS, FAMIS, Kykloud, Lucernex, Verisae, and Maintenance Connection products.

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Retail: Verisae

Creating a Budget Proposal for IoT and CMMS Projects - 1 Hour

When preparing for 2020 and beyond, you want to align your CMMS to serve you and your business to the fullest extent. This might mean adding predictive maintenance capabilities, needing managed services help or adding better asset-level management to your existing solution. In this session, Verisae experts walk you through creating a business case for these additions and how to prove value to your organization.

vx Maintain Pre-Built and Custom Reporting - 2 Hours

vx Maintain can report on nearly any field you have in the application. There are pre-built reports, custom reports, and stakeholder reporting that needs to happen to keep your business running. Our Verisae experts will walk you through creating these reports and making them the most useful to you and your business.

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Retail & Corporate: Lucernex

Each session will last 2 hours and run concurrently.

Level 1: Lx Report Building: Covering Navigation, Basics, Building, Customizing and Administration - 2 Hours

This report training will help users gain a basic understanding of the reporting tools and database tables. Users will learn how to use the report builder to build common reports. The training will also cover report administration to ensure that all users have the access they need.

Level 2: Lx Report Building: Covering Complex Report Configurations - 2 Hours

This report training will help users gain a deeper understanding of the reporting tools and database tables. Users will learn how to use the report builder to build more complex informative reports.

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Retail, Manufacturing & Higher Ed/Pub: Kykloud

The Kykloud Hands-On Experience - 1 Hour

This event is perfect for retailers, manufacturers and corporate real estate professionals. Take advantage of this hands-on experience utilizing the Kykloud mobile survey application. Assess for deficiencies while completing the survey and marking up photos. At the end of the experience, participants will submit their surveys and develop an assessment report. Come see how quick and easy it is to use Kykloud to collect data and inform capital plans.

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Manufacturing: Maintenance Connection

All sessions will run for 1 hour.

Explore MC Express - 1 Hour

Explore features such as barcode scanning, talk-to-text, labor timer and global search to improve efficiency and give users immediate access to key CMMS modules (assets, inventory and work orders).

Report Building - 1 Hour

Set up reports, utilize SMART report features, integrate KPIs and leverage report data to improve maintenance performance.

Automating Your Work Order Flows - 1 Hour

Explore rules manager, using problem codes to automate workflows, auto-assignments and more.

Asset Intelligence - 1 Hour

Learn about using specification values, parts kit/BoM, documentation management and more.

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Higher Ed/Pub: FAMIS

Accruent Analytics: Building Reports and Dashboards Your Users Will Love - 1.5 Hours

We will take a look at several different user scenarios and demonstrate some high-impact, popular ways to track your organizations key metrics using reports and dashboards in Accruent Analytics. Attend this training to broaden your reporting skills, uncover new formatting and features in the reporting tool to help you customize your reports, and learn best practices for report writing that will improve your work.

Effectively Configuring Key Control - 1 Hour

FAMIS Key Control supplies comprehensive features to assist with the automation of all facets of administering and managing keys. After attending this training, you will be able to identify and execute on all required components of Key Control including requesting, reserving, issuing, returning, and transferring of keys.

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Higher Ed, Corporate & Retail: EMS

Reservation Wizard Tips and Tricks - 1.5 Hours

If your handyperson has the correct tools and uses those appropriately, the end result is far superior to a handyperson without the correct tools. These tips and tricks will give you effective tools to book the most appropriate space for your customers, with the most efficient processes.

Managing Complex Reservations - 1 Hour

Ensure a smooth workflow with these tips for managing complex events. We will cover the most important details of managing reservations, including statuses, comments, reminders, user defined fields, notifications and much more. Be sure to come with questions, as you’ll also have a chance to ask the experts about your real-life scenarios.

Using EMS to Manage Your Billing Lifecycle - 1 Hour

Are you struggling with managing billing with room reservations? EMS can handle that! This training will cover everything from the billing cycle and reporting to finalizing invoices and voiding transactions in order to simplify your billing processes and ensure all the information you need is always in one central location.

What You Get When Upgrading - 1.5 Hours

Come see the features and use cases that can drive your business to the next level when you upgrade your EMS solution.

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